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About us

Rene has worked in the food industry for 25 ​years. He started his career as a server for Camellia's Grill, a famous St Charles Street Landmark Diner located at 626 Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La. The restaurant only offers counter service and its staff is usually gregarious. It is well known for its long-serving waiters, the most famous of whom was probably Harry Tervalon, Sr., who was the first waiter hired in 1946, and who even after his 1996 retirement remained associated with the restaurant (including cutting the ribbon when the Grill finally reopened after Katrina), until his death in August 2007. The establishment is noted for such casual cuisine as giant omelettes, cheeseburgers, "freezes", and pecan pie heated on the grill. In no time, Rene went from server, to assistant chef, to chef. For the last 6 months, Rene ventured off to Houston Texas, and has opened a breakfast and po-boy(uses french-bread imported from New Orleans) sandwich shop  that also makes Gumbo, Ya-ka-mein, & Red Beans & Rice, 3 Creole/New Orleans' style dishes! Sleepy's Po-Boys has an incredible menu, with different style chicken, etc. . .

What They Say

Our relationship with others is what means the most to us. That's why we want to hear from you. Make sure that when you visit you don't forget to pick-up a customer feed-back form. We promise to get better as we learn what you as our customer needs. Like we said before we would hate for you to go all the way to New Orleans!

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